WTS a perfecct starting toon

14M SP
8.4M Gunnery (All basic gunnery V)
Nev, Amor, Engineer VI Or V
no waste SP
perfect starter for a/m/g especially for frigate faction warfare pvp
still in training

Starting at: 6B
B/O: 8B
I will pay the transfer fee

Can you link a character board?

Oh sorry i forgot

Here’s the link. dont know y the other link does not work for me

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I’d bid 6b

Ty for your offer!

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I can offer 7 billion

Thank you for your offer!

Do you accept my offer?

How about 7.5B?

I’ll go up to 7.3

Is this acceptable?

I’m interested. Please update the role link.

Very well, Ill pay your 7.5bil. Upon second thought it is a very reasonable price.

link updated. Thx