SOLD, can be closed

Hello everyone. Selling this toon and hopefully it will live, not skill extracted, lol. It really can be a good starting toon.

  • 20.3m skills point (including 4.1m unallocated)
  • positive wallet
  • in NPC corp, HS
  • +4 implants set
  • NO killrights
  • 2 remaps
  • 2 jump clones, Jita + Korsiki
  • Positive Security Status

17bil ISK starting point, 20bil buyout. Happy bidding!

13B offer



15B offer

Will give u 17bil now if you’re interested to sell it/transfer not later than tomorrow. Wanting to start playing with it next Monday xD.

Going to accept your offer.

ISK received. Transfer initiated.

All good, ty