Character SOLD

In NPC corp in Jita
No security or standing issues
No killrights
Positive (0) wallet

Mostly flew PvE stuff, was a long time ago but I don’t think I followed any particular meta builds. Can comfortably run PvE stuff with Mach or cool lasers.

48 hours after last bid and the deal is closed. Starting at 10b, buyout is 20b.


10bil buy out. isk in hand.

11B on hand

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24 hours left

12b b/o now

12.5 bill

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13 b.


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In 20 hours, you can send the isk and info if no one else overbids you. I will not accept any new bids after 19th Feb, 3:54 and will wait for you.

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18Bill… Still willing to do 18 bill today.

Not quite buyout yet, but you will have him in about 36 hours.

will do the 20 Bil B/O dont feel like waiting that long :slight_smile:

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cool, accepted! send isk and info to character

okay its bedtime for me, but if you send the isk and info ill initiate the transfer soon after i wake up

Isk/Mail sent!

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And I’m awake now, sorting it out