In NPC corp in Jita
No security or standing issues
No killrights
Positive (0) wallet

Mostly flew PvE stuff, was a long time ago but I don’t think I followed any particular meta builds. Can comfortably run PvE stuff with Mach or cool lasers.

I previously withdrew my character from sale due to regret, but I regret that regret after seeing the pricetag for character transfer. I’m gonna need to compensate by buying PLEX.

48 hours after last bid and the deal is closed. Starting at 12b, buyout is 20b.

12b offer

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I’ll do 13b

14b i offer

15 billion

36h left till mr bizarre gets the deal

28 hours

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16 billion


48 hours and the deal is done, 24 hours left

yes I will be quick

18b offer

What do you mean

Isk had ready

18.5b offer

48 hours from the last offer until the deal is closed, there was 24 hours left is what I meant. There was quite a few hours left when the next bid came.