46 Mil Gila Abyssal Site Runner / Dread Nag Pilot

My master has chosen to sell me.

My Info: Gunner Suzy

Positive Wallet

Positive Sec Status

No Kill Rights for or against.

High Grade Crystal Set plus other Abyssal support implants.

All other CCP Rules apply.

Character is in NPC Corp, please give time for the SkillBoard to refresh.

Thank you.

Start: 32 Bil

B/O: 40 Bil

30B ready to send Isk

31 bil


Offer accepted from Kazim. Please send isk and account info.

Confirmed offer accepted. Posted with wrong toon previously.

33b offer

ISK and account info sent

isk and account info received…will be transfering shortly. Please confirm receipt of transfer email. Thank you.

Transfer Initiated.

I confirm receipt of transfer initiation email. Thank you

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