49m sp pilot looking for corp to pvp with

looking for the right fit, not as much time as i used to have…
would like a more mature group to pvp with…
im USTZ, but can play a bit of EU, would like to stick to null or lowsec… no womrholes

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Short Bus Ballaz is recruiting. Read up a little more below on our forum ad and see some previous pvp engagements we’ve participated in. Join our public discord as well(linked in forum ad). We are a US TZ group with a few EU broski’s that hang around because of our antics. We have ops in our alliance getting called at all hours of the day but I would say our US TZ in alliance is for sure strong and has tons of fun.

Milli o7

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Hey @N0UseFor_AName

If you’re interested in sticking around lowsec and npc null we here at Filthy Peasants may be a good fit for you.

We’re a US TZ pvp corp that lives in lowsec Placid and regularly roam through our local area, other regions, as well as null and wh space to look for fights. We have daily subcap roams, blops fleets, and several alliance ops a week attacking or defending structures. We’re also an RL-focused group as we’re all getting older and don’t have the time to play we used to.

We work hard to find content and recently just had a huge dread brawl with various lowsec groups in the Domain region:

Check out our killboard above and come join our public channel Open Filth in game and chat with us.

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The Crimson Order is recruiting!! We would love to have you. We are a Null Sec group with Blue Suns IT alliance. PM me in game for more information.

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Check us out over at War Eagle Fleet. We are a SLYCE Alliance corp with plenty of content and opportunities. WEF’PUB in-game.

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In game mail coming your way :smiley:

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Running with Wolves offers a pvp mindset, competence and content as well as R64 moons for easy ISK. We are part of Triumvirate. Chat with us on discord: https://discord.gg/Gk79xWU

Expect fights like this: https://fleetcom.space/battlereport/w3GrAdjiBENcQf4Zr

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Mecha Enterprises Fleet is an established PVP corp and a founding member of the Federation Uprising alliance. We are a member of Legacy Coalition. Come have a chat with us in our public lobby discord: FEDUP Public

See one of our fights here: https://youtu.be/E07p5CZJvyw

The Envoys at Forsaken Empire are always recruiting. We’re laid back, play other games besides Eve that you’re welcomed to join, and do daily pvp. We understand that real life comes first and would love to have you on fleets whenever you can be on. We are currently located in Vale and are constantly fighting over objectives and basically having fun fights. Let me know if this interests you and we can set up an interview! o7

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a NPC Nullsec, no-drama, corporation that opposes the centralized governments of all major coalitions. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Our corp and alliance lives in Venal which connects to over 9 nullsec regions to hunt in or explore. They’re many expensive bears to kill and therefore a good location for blackops, smallgang and solo pvp. The region itself is known for it’s riches and you’ll quickly be taught how to ultilize our monopoly on Guristas LP , Abyssal co-op or thrive in our local industry.

Meet us on discord: http://discord.gg/XaRrXz6 or join our ingame-channel: Biohazard.pub .

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