[4COR] Is Recruiting! SOV Null Corp - USTZ/EUTZ

Hello and thank you for your interest in Quad Core Industries [4COR]! We are a small corporation within an alliance called, Invidiae Gloriae Comes which is apart of a much larger coalition called, The Imperium.

What does that mean for you?

  • Access to sov-null space 3 jumps from high-sec
  • A null-bloc network of 20 alliance systems to base out of
  • Multiple active intel channels for each cluster of owned space
  • Hundreds of coalition systems to base out of across 3 regions
  • Access to daily fleets
  • Small gang PvP/Blops
  • Access to capital ship building and gameplay
  • Full SRP
  • Mining ice and moons
  • Blood Raiders ratting space
  • Active 24 hours/day
  • Helpful learning environment to newer/lower SP pilots wanting to experience null

Being in null sec, we can offer you pretty much any sort of content you would want, other than J space.

You’ll be surprised how organized this game can be, and at the coalition level, how safe it can be. We have an active, helpful & multinational core group of members that are dedicated to helping individuals succeed. Our corporation has veteran industry players as well as large and small scale fleet experience. Experienced and inexperienced players are welcome to learn, build and destroy ships of all sizes from frigates to capitals!

If you are interested in applying, please understand the following expectations. We are a casual friendly corporation, but also require some level of activity and interest in the game.

  • Minimum 10m skill points
  • Character authentication to alliance communication channels
  • Access and use of Discord, Mumble and Teamspeak when required

At our core we are industrialists and always will be. Because of that, the need for isk-making has become increasingly less important to us. We have learned to love good fights, big mining fleets, socializing in comms and teaching people how to play EVE Online.

Please feel free to DM me here or send an EVEmail in game if you would like to apply.

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Can confirm above confirmers’ confirmation.


PMs replied to, bump.

Please feel free to reach out with any quesitons!


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