5.2m+ drained Hel Pilot with Minmatar Citizen # name. Has Fighters trained. No Corp history

Plex sale. Located in Jita 4-4.
Was a Hel pilot, extracted, but still has some great skills and is a perfect starter.
No Corp History!

0.0 sec status
5289674 SP
Women’s SARO ‘Black Troop’ Combat Suit
Next remap 10/6/19, currently mapped memory/perception
positive wallet

Skins -
Hel Sebiestor Skin

Drone Interfacing 5
Drones 5
Fighters 4
Light Fighters 4
Heavy Fighters 4
Support Fighters 4
Leadership 5


Advanced Spaceship Command
capital ships
Minmatar Carrier
Fighter Hangar Management
Fighters, Heavy Fighters, Light Fighters, Support Fighters

Starts at 6.5b

Please only post, I dont check ingame mails.

bumper cars.

interested. 4b offer to start

Thank you for the offer but thats under the starting amount :slight_smile:

daily bumper

will bid 5.5

much better start.

Thank you.

when was this character born?
edit: i see it’s a 2018 character, i assume it was renamed for having an offensive name then… :stuck_out_tongue:

since you can’t extract any more and it has no core skills i am gonna pass … retract my bid of 4b

  1. it wasn’t offensive, it was deleted then reclaimed, original name was taken.

  2. Did you read the post before bidding? Might help next time.

Will sell to Hibster in 24 hours for 5.5b.

6 bil if its still up :slight_smile:

top bidder!

Will sell to haz zard in 24h :slight_smile:

haz zard,
please send 6bil isk to this character + account name you’d like it transfered to and i will start the ticket :slight_smile:

isk and mail sent, thank you :slight_smile:

ticket made.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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