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(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #1

#1 - 2017-07-13 21:32:32 UTC |

I am for sale.

Some stuff:
Minmatar Carrier V
Cybernetics V
Can use:
T2 Light Fighters
T2 Heavy Fighters
T2 Support Fighters

Perfect for 260m dank ticks

Character located in Jita 4/4
No killrights
No bad standings
Positive wallet
In NPC corp
All ccp rules apply

B/O 20b

Auction will end in 20.07.2017

(Eleanor Motsu) #3

10b after looking at the skills

(Ghroth) #5

14B (:з」∠)

(Vasilisa Pupkena) #6

14.5 bil

(iDeveloper) #8


(Vasilisa Pupkena) #9


(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #10

15b noted as highes bid so far.

Auction will end in 20.07.2017

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(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #11


(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #12

17B isk

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #13

who pays character transfer?

(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #14

As of CCP rules i will pay for the transfer.

17b noted as highest bid.

(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #15


(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #16

fingers, toes, and eyes crossed i’ll win (very difficult to type like this btw) :slight_smile:

(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #17

Last bump before auction ends

(spy00) #18

18b ready to go

(spy00) #20

jk 18b ready to go again im bad

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #21

18.5B rdy

(spy00) #22

19b ready

(Nicklaus Klaus'nik) #23

welp i tried

(Panzerkampfwagen VII) #24

19b noted as Highest offer