5 characters (2 people) looking for highsec/lowsec home with WH wing


I am looking for a new corporation, along with a RL friend of mine.
Accepting both players (all 5 characters) is a requirement for us, since we’d like to stick together.

EvE vet that’s been playing on and off across multiple accounts since 2004. I have a PVP main, an industry main with excellent boosting/Science/reprocessing/mining skills and a third mining alt that can fly a barge and is in the works for more skills.

  • Excellent logi skills (T2 logi, all races, excellent support skills)
  • up to T2 large weapons and excellent drone skills
  • T3D and T3C
  • Rorqual skills and perfect Orca booster
  • near perfect refiner
  • perfect science skills
  • Mainly interested in industry, mining and science
  • Null experience/fleet combat experience/Fleet etiquette and lingo experience
  • Experienced freighter and JF pilot

My friend:
Relatively new player that has on and off history over the last few years. He is past the point of newbro, but would still like to explore more aspects of EvE. An allround main character with some pvp and mining skills that focusses on minmatar at the moment. The alt is an industry/exploration alt that is being further develloped.

  • mainly minmatar specced
  • Up to T2 medium guns and T1 large guns
  • Good scanning skills and some exploration experience
  • Good mining skills
  • Experience with PVE and PVE fitting of ships
  • Good hauling skills (T2 haulers, covops)
  • Null experience/fleet combat experience/Fleet etiquette and lingo experience

What are we looking for

  1. High-sec/lowsec presense.
    We are currently interested in a corp that resides in highsec. Access to lowsec industry structures would be a huge bonus. Preferably Amarr highsec, though we can consider other areas of highsec space.
    Proximity to a trade hub is preferred, though not a dealbreaker if your corp has a more remote area of high sec space.

  2. Industry activities
    We both dabble in multiple aspects of EvE, however a strong industry backbone in the corporation is a must.
    This would ideally be supported by appropriate structures, either through access rights or corporate ownership.
    Access to blueprint copies is a bonus, though not a real requirement for us.

  3. Wormhole Wing
    My friend would like the ability to venture into wormhole space and spend time there and see what the life is about. A corporation/alliance with a wormhole wing (and a hole with structures in it) would be preferred so that he can explore this aspect of EvE further.

  4. Mature and laid-back atmosphere (RL comes first)
    We are both about 30 years old, have a family and a fulltime job. We have no interest in mandatory ops, overzealous corp leadership, penalties for losing an expensive ship or e-peen competitions between 16 year olds about elite kb points or salt harvesting.
    We come home from work, log on, and do whatever we feel like that night. We are usually inclined to join in whatever team effort is going on in corp, but if we don’t join that specific night, then we don’t. There is zero margin for discussion regarding the above. It’s a game, and we are both here to enjoy it.
    We enjoy using comms (discord for example), but some nights this is simply not an option.

  5. PVP learning opportunities (and SRP?)
    My friend would like to learn more about Solo PVP and small gang PVP. Having a mentor program, or regular ops to speed up the process would be a bonus. Expect questions to be asked, mistakes to be made, and lessons to be learned. Do not expect us to be PVP champions at this point.

  6. Active membership
    I don’t want to put a number of members here, but we prefer a good active EU TZ corporation, since we are both EU TZ. Larger corporations will be preferred, though smaller corporations are definitely not excluded.
    Ideally we’d like to see at least a few other players online in corp chat during the evening, so we’re not just hanging out between the two of us all the time. Higher levels of newbros are no problem and we both enjoy helping this community grow whenever we can.

In return we offer 2 active players across 5 different accounts. We get some online time on most days, though our RL schedule will decide how much time will be available. We are mature, have a good sense of humor, offer a variety of specialised skills in EvE and a very newbro-friendly attitude.
Helping out with corporate objectives, alliance ops and content creation of any kind is never a problem.

Please drop me a mail ingame, or a post in this thread so that we can check your corporation out.
Thank you for your time also!

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I could use two resourceful guys to develop my pvp faction warfare corp. Look me up. It may not be what you’re looking for though, as I have just started recruitment and I don’t plan on keeping line members permanently. What I’m developing essentially is a training corp within the militia. I only want to keep industrialists and trainers long term. Since the militia basically works on the same way an alliance does, I won’t be missing out on content. There are fleets every day. I work full time and am a family man as well. I keep things simple. What you would be producing is t2 modules for the ships we require for killing, together with all the t1 ships in various stations scattered throughout the warzone. There will be plenty to do with space for growth. I can provide access to many bpc’s and bpo’s and you won’t be able to steal, because unlike most CEO’s, I understand how roles and lock downs work.

If you’re interested in seeing something grow and being part of its beginning, let me know.

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hi @Tommy_McPhee !
FUN inc is recruiting!
Although we do not tick all the boxes, we can offer you:
Mature and laid-back atmosphere, experienced small gang and solo PvPers, with PVP fleets that run a couple of times a week. There are individuals within corp that have a wealth of knowledge with regards to Industry and marketeering.
We have no issues with accepting both players - the principle thing is you being happy with us as a fit!
Why don’t you check us out! :slight_smile:

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