5 mil SP Caldari starter

WTS this 2015 character
Name: Agent Coyle
Skill points - 4,994,581
Security Status - 0.0
Wallet - About 2m
Location - Highsec (Jita (0.9) Station 4-4)
Corp history short and clean, totally been in 3 corps.
No kill rights on the character

Net worth 60 mil in assets, mostly junk
Was going to be Tengu mission runner and salvager alt, but I dont need this anymore. Selling to someone who could make better use of Agent Coyle

Check here for more details:
Skill board link

https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/ make a new character sheet please, eve skillboard shut down.

after character sheet is up i might make an offer


Up. Sorry for late reply, was on vacation.


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