[SOLD] WTS 15 Mill SP perfect Scanner/Covert-Cyno Character

Click here for Skillboard Link


  • Minmatar + Caldari Friday V
  • Caldari Cruiser V
  • Covert-ops V
  • All Scanning Skills V
  • 6 days away from Falcon

✮ NPC Corp
✮ No Active Killrights
✮ Positive Wallet
✮ 15 Mil Skill Points
✮ Located in Jita

Buy out 13 Billion isk


7B ready asap

8b isk ready

8.5 bil

Buy out for 13 bil, Ready to send isk waiting for confirmation

13 billion isk offer Accepted from @Cloaky_Truck , waiting for isk and account name.

Will begin transfer as soon as that information is received

ISK send

Isk received and transfer has been started


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