SOLD - 5M SP Cyno/Covert Toon (with hauler)

5m SP Quantum Anomaly
All Frigate 5
Spaceship Command 5
Cyno 4 (5 is 3 days training almost done)
Caldari Hauler 4 (5 is 4.5 days almost done)

  1. Positive wallet
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. 1 Clones (In High Sec) with +5s
  4. Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  5. NPC Corp
  6. Remap Available (2 bonus)

Starting price 3b
B/O 5b

3 B offer

bump, letting these go for a week

5bil buyout

send isk and evemail with account name to this character and I will initiate transfer

Isk and info sent

Will be completed after 2/5/2024 9:17:00 AM

Please confirm and I will close post as SOLD when you do thanks you.

Confirmed that character is in the receiving transfer window