5m SP Quantum Anomaly
Cal/Ama/Min Frigate 5
Spaceship Command 5
Cyno 4 (about to finish)
CovOps 3

  1. Positive wallet
  2. No Kill Rights
  3. 1 Clones (In High Sec) with +5s
  4. Located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
  5. NPC Corp
  6. Remap Available (2 bonus)

Starting price 3b
B/O 5b

Just my opinion, since alphas cannot use cyno or covert, you should remove alphas from the titles.

bump <3

The Character has the Skill learned. If the new Owner will bring it up to a Omega State, decides if he can youe the Skill.

I have removed the Alpha from the Topic.

daily bump

daily bump 4 more days before biomass

3b bid

thanks for bid 3 days before sale

3.5bil offer

24 hours from now (give or take) i’ll end with the highest bid if no B/O by then

4bil B/O

sorry for delay please send evemail with account info and isk 4b

Bit retracter sorry found a other one.

So can I get it?

I’ll reopen this for 24~ hours from now since he dropped out if no one else takes its yours.

3.75 B offer

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please send evemail with account and isk

nevermind edit as I typed obdurate you are next highest please send evemail with account and isk

isk and account information sent. Thank you.