Positive Wallet Balance
9.5mil SP
No kill rights(i think)
No jump clones
Home station and currently located in jita
-4 sec status(sorry)


Can fly proteus, arazu, lachesis, nemesis, helios, ares, taranis

Can use Covert cloak and covert cyno

No B/O atm

Use: Eve Online Standings Tracker (tools4eve.com) so we can see you skills, standings, etc.

oops sorry! Character Sheet



2 bonus 1 normal

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still for sale !

4b offert

nty, current best is 7.5

Hey sorry just noticed the -4.4 security status, so I am retracting my offer.
FYI, that’s one of the things you need to disclose in your listing.

np, added it aswell

Actually its not.

Wallet balance
Jump clones and location
And character location

Welp, I guess my age is showing my age causee both Sec Standing, and Corp standings used to be.

So was the character sold for the 7.5B the owner said he had a deal for?

No the pilot at 7.5 retracted due to lo sec status

4.5B Bid from me (Like the Name)

6b b/o

6.5 bill