Toons bought pls close

I also have 4 alpha miner starter characters with about 2.5m SP each, 1m unallocated, I could chuck cybernetics V into their queue if they sound interesting

check this out WTS +5m SP toon

Can do 9b for all as is

Ive already made you an offer in your post ! :slight_smile:
I unfortunately will not change it, it is still 3.5b! :slight_smile:

I can offer 3.5b for it !

no cyber 5 but i am a cyno toon with 9.5mil sp and some good ships

I can do 3.5B right now

I see youve actually already sold the toon

I can offer 5b, im looking for something else than those ships unfortunately, hence why id grab low sp toons and shape them

Lmk if youre willing to sell those for the offered price of 9b for all as is

What would you offer for this character?
Cybernetics 4, All +4 implants except charisma

sorry mate thats not enough but thanks for offerin :slight_smile:

Can do 3.7
7.7m sp, how much you offer for this one?

I can do 4.5b!

Go up 6b at least

Having a hard time loading your skills (only 4 entries showing), will make an offer based on them once im home

Was never able to load more than 4 entries, cannot make offer

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Okai if you can go 7b or 6.5 it would be amazing since he had some good skin too

Low SP char decent engineering only cyb 1 tho
Focused Cal/Gal Frig.

Can do 3b