Buying ALL Toons INSTANT ISK ๐Ÿ’ต

Best i can do is 133

I can come down to 142 which is essentially like giving you a free set of high-grade crystals/Nirvana.

3.5 bill for the basic toon.

Also bump



5 bill!

replied in the other thread I will give you the 70b you are after

gonna have to go higher

89M SP thanatos pilotโ€ฆ

85 bill

41 mil SP Maxed PI character with maxed Exhumer and mining focused.
Rebecca Stones Skill & Standings Sheet (

35 billion for rebecca

40 Bil and we have a deal

7.5m sp Hawk , jackdaw T2 missile ready pilote with cool skin

sorry the skin and focus doesnโ€™t really mean much to me, the best I could do is 3 bill.

x) not even worth compared if i extract the sp my self and dust the toon after , thank you anyway