50+MM SP small gang/bubble pilot getting back into the game, looking for new null sec fun

My old corp went dark a few years ago. Getting back into Eve, with a shiny new high speed, low drag computer. yea for me.

US Central TZ. English preferred, but I’d look at a Russian language/Russian TZ corps that might have a need for a sneaky and skilled Helios driver - почему? потому что я тоже неплохо (для Американцев) говорю, понимаю, и читаю по-русски. :slight_smile:

Proud US Army veteran, infantry & military intelligence (hence the Russian language ability). Not a requirement, but my old corps was vet heavy, was nice to game with others “nervous in the service”…be it US, Russian, Canadian, Polish, Czech, German, UK, French, whatever country, always fun to fly-n-die with fellow vets…

Looking for a new home to go pew-pew with…if I am not in my Helios, love to get close contact with my Enyo "Minithron’ fit.

Hey Elroy,

Welcome back to the game! specs on PC? always interested from a hardware stand point.

In concerns to EVE though, Short Bus Ballaz is recruiting. We are a vet corp in every sense of the word, but not bitter. Leadership has about 40 years combined of eve experience in all different fields and careers.

We’re currently deployed at the moment so we are the content arriving on someone’s door step. We are also heavy with veterans of the US armed forces. If you like structure with you play we offer it. If you’d like to talk more check out our forum post. In that post is a discord link to chat with leadership or any corp members on our public facing server. We main US tz but have EU/AU guys as well.

Milli o7

I’ll follow up with you in game and also via Discord. Sound like my kind of guys.

Thank u for reaching out -stay safe in the field, bring the pain to our enemies, and get back to your loved ones and your families.



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