50M Skillpoint Mission Runner

Located in high sec
Positive wallet
No kill rights
In NPC corp

Starting bid 24B
B/O 35B


35B here online and ready

Send the cash and EVE Mail me the account.

CCP mail received. Thanks!

So why do you keep posting with your own toons and accepting obviously low bids that your Shnitzel toon offers? Curious as no scamming on this forum and I’ve seen it a few times now.

Idk what the hell is this. Who will sell a character with 50m SP for 24b starting bid. RMT no way

Character laundering?

A sale on here, albeit firesale, legitimises moving a toon between accounts?

If you wanna to send your character to yours other account then you can just create a request to CCP and pay transfer fee.

I interrupted this one 47.5M SP + Good Implants - Marauder Missiles and Drones funny how toon didn’t accept the much better offers it received.

Oh, yes. What the ■■■■ happens…

Nothing nefarious here guy. I’m very rich in game and didn’t want this old toon taking up a character slot. Priced to sell fast.

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