51m SP Gallente PvE Pilot looking for active Hi Sec corp

I’ve recently come back to EvE after a long time away. Been sat in my own 2 man corp for a while now, blitzing missions in a marauder and running exploration sites. As much as I’m enjoying the new content it would be good to do something different and have other people to fly with.

Ideally I’m looking for a Hi Sec corp in Gallente space which runs missions, incursions, exploration sites etc. I’m not interested in faction warfare. I have an alt which is another marauder pilot and builder so helps to top up my income.

Drop me an EvEMail or Convo in game.

Come out here and make that great AFK isk, you’ll never want to go back to highsec.

Still looking. Also have a 55m alt who has decent mining and pve skills that I could move over if I find the right corp.

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