~51milSP pvp pilot looking for corp

Hey Wormhole Bookmark Specialist,

You should join JREX! We are a low-sec corp in Placid region. We focus on blops, subcaps, and capitals pvp. We play from 1700-0630 eve time. We are members of intergalactic space hobos a pirate alliance in Low-sec space. Our fleets range from gate camps, blops, large scale fleets, and third partying fights.

We have no CTA’s, we are laid back and are a chill group of active players that wanna play together. I hope you want to join our family and gate camp with us… :slight_smile:

Feel free to join our discord @
Discord or join JREX REC in game channel.

I saw that Arc also posted above me. His corp is also pretty good! I have attached our recruitment page below.