55 mil sp Returning player LF pvp corp

I played originally since 04 until 19, left for RL issues. Experienced in just about everything aside from mining/cap fights (did a bit of that too, but found it incessantly boring). I am more interested in small-med gang fights, preferably constant roams into 0.0 to facerape carebears, or their attempts at fielding a defense fleet. I dont like sov, anything to do with it. So coalitions are out, I have no interest in flying in giant fleets of 500+ people, never again. That just just tedious and boring (other than the gifs that is), id rather make decisions to keep alive than just be a number in a blob.

I prefer to fly minnie ships, or triglavian (I think, havent had any experience with them tbh, new since I got back). I love e-war, logi and boosting but in all honesty prefer small-cloaky operations. Used to love Bombers Bar type stuff, or WH operations when WH first came out forever ago.

I am not going to start umpteen alts and fly 5-6 toons at a time like I used to, that is more tedious than fun and I am here for fun. I am however willing to focus training into specific areas if the doctrine requires it, and am not beyond throwing 2-3 grand into injectors to get this toon up to par with my old toons (who I biomassed like an Idiot in a ragequit when my WH corp was smashed by NOHO, ie: reason I stopped playing)

Anyways I can fly all trig minnie ships up to bs (maxed out), including all support e-war, logi, command, specialized t2 frigs,dessies, t3 dessies etc… In addition same thing goes up to bc level with gall and amarr. Caldari I havent even touched as I despise all things shield.

I am active any time I want to be as I work from home and have a very adaptable schedule. Typically I am on before and after Downtime by several hours. When Ops are going I will be on perpetually.

I can also provide tactical aid in the form of Intel. I love acquiring information, finding patterns in things and then using those to plan out operations to ruin peoples’ days. Might sound oblique to you, but if you think about it, it can be exceedingly fun.

Anyways, If interested feel free to convo me in game, eve mail or here. I will be regularly checking while I get my bearings in the game again. Thanks for your time,
Happy Hunting,

Check us out

Hi Jin,

Welcome back to Eve.

We are running daily small roam PvP fleets, ESS roaming fleets and some HD fleets which might be right up your street. Full disclosure, we also take part in large fleets as well when the situation calls for it.

If you are looking for a laid back group of players who like to work together to achieve big things in Eve, while hanging together on comms and having a laugh then 4S maybe for you.

Corporation History
4S is one of the oldest and most accomplished corporations in New Eden (19 years). Created in 2003, 4S was involved in early Alliance warfare as part of Fountain Alliance while independently establishing a reputation for effective anti-pirate fighting. Today 4S is one of the larger corporations within Goonswarm

What we provide:-

✪ Access to upgraded systems for best ratting opportunities in New Eden
✪ Corp & Alliance Ship Replacement Programs (Double SRP)
✪ Regular large and small scale PVP fleets
✪ Safest Null-Sec space to explore and make isk in
✪ Access to premium moons
✪ Access to biggest Null-Sec trade hub (0.0 Jita)
✪ Strong Industry Backbone
✪ Long time players with a vast knowledge of how the game works
✪ Corporation Discord (Very Active)

What we ask of you:-
✓ Participation & activity
✓ Minimum 5 million SP
✓ No characters less than 30 days old

Join our Discord and send us a message: 4S Gaming

Sent you an evemail bud

Come Check Us Out!
Join “STA’IN REC” channel ingame to learn more or just to chat!

STA’IN - 10+ Years Stain NPC Nullsec Residents.
-Living in Stain NPC Space.
-New Player friendly with years of experience in Corp.
-Relaxed Atmosphere with Daily Activity.
-PVP and Indy focused.
-Space for you to explore and play the game the way you want to.
-PVP Training, Moon Mining, Faction/Officer Spawns, Intact Plate Relics, Burner Sansha Missions, Triple your earning potential.
-Access to SOV in Esoteria
-Bi-weekly Fleet attendance required (CTA’s).
-Mostly Older Players.
-Life first, community focused.
-Relaxed PVE, Local Blue Coalition.

I look Forward to speaking with you!!

Check out Order of the Eclipse.

We live in sov null – I know what you’re thinking, massive blobs right? Wrong.

Our occasional strat ops are 30-40 people, and most of the time we’re flying small to medium gang hunting ops in deep hostile space.

Welcome back Praetor Jin Gitaxias

We have a very nice setup with a great corp of people, mature, non toxic .
We are looking for additional people to join our team on the long term for adventure with us as we move forward with our agenda. We’d love to get to know you better and show how our corp stands out from the rest, feel free to stop by our Discord for a chat: STA'IN

Come check out Imperium Technologies, great group to fly with and really relaxed atmosphere. Sent you a in game mail.

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