Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc. of Sedition. Gallente FW (USTZ/EU)

JREX is a member of Gallente FW and we are a PVP focused corporation in Placid (EU/USTZ). A lot of our members are former blob veterans, but have seen the light and decided that the low-sec is the best way of life. Our corp does pvp in high, low, and null. We describe ourselves as a pirate FW group with no blues other than our militia brethren. Our main goal is to maximize content and fights for our members.

On the IRL side, many of us are working professionals and we understand that IRL comes first. Our ideal pilot would be someone who wants to PvP in our fleets, solo, or wanting to create their own content.

Our Killboard:
Alliance KB: Sedition. | Alliance | zKillboard

What JREX has to offer:

✪ Constant Content Availability (Small-Medium Gang PVP)

✪ Black Ops

✪ SRP For Logi and Specialty Ships

✪ Various content from Capital hot drops to Assault Frigate Roams

✪ Experienced Corp FCs

✪ Other Games Community [Steam and ]

JREX is looking for:

✓ Be Active at least a few times a week

✓ Must have a utility alt (Cyno alt, dread alt, probing alt, logi alt)

✓ USTZ/EU Timezone

✓ 30 Million Skillpoints in PVP skills (Good interviews may allow lower SP applicants)

✓ Discord and Teamspeak 3

✓ At least 1k kills on zkill

✓ Chill players

Are you interested in joining JREX? Join JREX 2.0 in game or our discord here: JREX

First day back pvping. Absolute crazy day!

Are you guys interested in solo account players or is dual boxing a req? Most small gangs seem to want this and its a bit of a put off for me.

We can take single boxers!

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We are more than willing to bring battleships to fights seeking gfs and getting dropped on happens. What is the big deal?

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