Experienced player LF Lowsec pirate corp

Hello. I’ve recently returned to the game after a long hiatus to find my lowsec home not a great place for me anymore. Too many bigger fish in the pond and all my old crew left the game so I’m mostly alone avoiding a dozen Arazus.

I have 100M+ SP and am decently well versed in all aspects of the game having played on and off for 14 years. Nowadays I have a busy work and family life so lowsec offers me fun and quick gameplay without having to commit hours and hours to the game. Plus it’s easy to dock up and log when the kids get home from school or start fighting.

My time zone is US Eastern in the evenings but I often play weekdays during the day so EU also works.

My preferred activities are gate camps, small gang roams, hunting people running DED escalations and then running their sites, and BLOPS. My current favorite ships are the double web arty Loki, Curse, and Hecate. I also enjoy sitting on the gate with a Broadsword. My alt is usually used for eyes or as gate camp support with maxed links, remote sebos and logi. I also wouldn’t mind yolo’ing some T1 battleships for the content.

I’d love to join a corp of like minded casual players in a part of lowsec where I’m not constantly about to be dropped by 12 redeemers and a marshal, unless our corp also has that ready to drop :slight_smile:

Not interested in Null. Took a week tour using filaments, too many bots, can’t catch them. And I’m not interested in the logistics of it. Wormholes are similarly a PITA.

I’m independent and self sufficient. I don’t need insurance or any free crap. I’ll move my own ships and be ready to go with lots of toys. I just need a crew to fly with.

Prefer mature players, not kids. No IRL assholes, it’s internet spaceships, let’s not make it more complicated than that. Keep your BS to yourself and let’s blow up some stuff.

Hey Eridnaii,

You would be a good fit with us. We are mostly experienced players that are working professionals. People that work and play eve to relax with the goal of not making eve a second job. We are primarily individuals in our late 20’s to 50’s that just want to log in and pew. As such, our corporation is one of the most active groups in the game currently. What I am seeking in recruits are people that know how to play the game and log in to pew. We do not have CTAS or I won’t make you go around shooting structures. Our goal is finding content and good fights within a tight and close knit group.

Are wormholes a no go?

I lived in a C5 WH for a while. Scanning down chains and such and the logistics of getting gear and making new fits makes living a WH prohibitive for the amount of time I have to play.

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what timezone are you? i may reccomend a place if you match up.

I’m US Eastern. I often play during the day though so EU can work as well.

checkout an english speaking corp in the alliance Train Wreck. Train Wreck. | Alliance | zKillboard

i fly with them consistently, good peeps.

Hey Eridanii, I think I can offer you a unique and fun experience while keeping it casual.

The Boyz. is a Pochven based alliance that’s most active between 7:00pm CST - 12:00am CST.

We’re never more than 5 jumps from Jita so logistics are easy.
We’re within BLOPS range of multiple regions.
We have small gang fleet engagements every evening. Usually 15-25 pilots vs. 15-25 pilots.
Pochven is a giant tunnel so gate camping is really fun & effective.
There’s way too much ISK being generated in the region so you will be rich without much effort.

Come give us a try and if you like it then join. I can provide the ships while you try it out. All you need is an empty pod, a shuttle, and Krai Perun filament or be in reasonable proximity to Jita.

Let me know if you’re interested any evening of the week!

I flew through rancer the other day and saw them there, making rancer great again. Safety set to red. Not sure who to chat with.

Hey. Pocvhen does interest me. I used to live in a WH and I like the delayed local. I might hit you up and check it out.

i would look at african atomic instead, safety set to red might not be recruiting. same alliance.

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