Returning Vet Thinking about coming back for the right group!

Returning player looking at options. I Kind of already have a home but i thought id put some feelers out there to see if there is a place for me that fits what im kinda wanting in the game right now.

I have 3 characters 2 of them over 100m SP and 1 at around 70m. Both 100m+ chars can fly carriers/dreads/super caps. I have 2-3 low SP alts i keep out of corp for market/scouting needs.

Was a small gang and Strat level FC for a few years but kind of burned myself out. Willing to start FC’ing again for the right group.

Looking for an active USTZ corp with small/medium gang guerilla style gameplay, im a big fan of HOTDROPING and Croaky BLOPS. Want a place i can come and unwind from my day with some easy going space nerds have some laughs and have fun blowing up spaceships.

Check us out. We do exactly what you are looking for.

hey man hope you find what ure looking for

Hello !

Mentality : learning, taking outnumbered fights and having fun

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good ISK making opportunities. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.

We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :

Hi there Killer

welcome back m8, i hope you find what you are looking for.

If you can consider pochven and being part of off an 100% independent pvp alliance please have a look at our latest recruitment video below

If you want to talk some please make sure to join our discord server


Hi, if you’re interested in a PvP focused corp you should check out Noir. We’re a merc alliance takes contracts all over the game (we’re currently involved in GalMil), doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast. To be honest we’re not that strong when it comes to blosp stuff as we’ve never had anyone who wants to run it, but FW has been amazing for nightly small to mid scale gang content, and that’s just out fallback while off contract.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord.

Also, given you’re just coming back did you know you can now get the free 1m sp on old accounts. I’d recommend rolling an alpha account so you get the bonuses both for recruiting or being recruited, but if you’re feeling lazy I also like free game time and training boosters.

Hey man what sort of Black Op’s and Small Gang did you used to do before, got any stories?

My group of guys are just about ready to get in to that line of warfare and could use someone who has an idea about that playstyle, let me know if you’re interested, contact info is below, look forward to speaking with you soon.

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