Looking for a home and corp

I am two Omega accounts with over 50m sp each playing almost daily between 9am & 10pm Eve time. No, I don’t play all of those hours every day but because IRL I am retired I am in the game more than many. I have lived in HS most of the time and wish to experience new things. I am not much into pvp but spend most of my time mining, manufacturing, exploring, etc. Although I am partial towards large corporations with multiple locations in LS, NS or WHS but I am open to smaller corporations because the people are what makes a corporation great, not the facilities.
I offer what I am, the time I am in game and all that I have for the good of the corporation I decide to join. That may not be much in the scope and size of some corporations but it is all I have in Eve.

Hoping to talk to you soon.


Heya Zeek,

My corp is fairly new by name, but it is made of a small group of old friends and some new and we get a little tighter every day. Me and several others are are at the retirement phase of life with some younger working stiffs, mostly mature but we have fun cutting up. Honestly in all my time in leadership in Eve and other various MMO’s this group is top notch. With us you get the best of both worlds as far as group size, our corp isn’t huge, but we are getting to know an ever growing number of members in the other groups in our coalition here in Nullsec. We have already started inventions, reactions and T2 production, we will be starting cap production soon.

We are in a good situation with a great coalition, in good space with a lot of opportunity for all play styles. Maybe I’m just biased but I do think it is worth stopping by and having a chat with some of us. Hope to hear from you!


We are the EDENCOM Defensive Initiative, an Highsec-PVE Based Alliance.

This is our Advertisement Video.

If you want to talk, convo Prospektor Schipplock.

Check us out

Matari Money Makers is recruiting. We’re all about working together to make isk. Very chill, daily fleets. Based in Minmatar Space.

hi there m8

feel free to check our latest recruitment video below

we are a tight group that plays just to have fun and avoid all the drama people tend to create in new eden.

you can also join our discord and just pew pew with us when ever you want


Hey Zeek!
Come check out our post! It’ll give you some basic info about us and what we are about :slight_smile:
If you have questions there are methods and madness both of which are ways to reach us!
Would you like to know more?

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wow zeekwiz77 :astonished: You got a lot of offer there :wink:
Well, i might not offer anything really since it’s up the players to make the content here.
What i have is an idea that i am trying to make a reallity and a few starter corporations that makes up for this idea with atm 3 players in total. Not much but it’s a good start :slight_smile:
We are much focused on the players and the group as a whole.
You can read more about us here: The Enlightened #PvE #Industrial #Mining #Faction Warfare #Mercenary work #Piracy & Crime #Policeing #Politics #Democracy #Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace #corp/alliance absorption - #4 by Tryme_Trymsson
And i hope to hear from you as all the others will. Have a good morning/midday/evening/night

// Tryme

you are welcome :grinning:

come say hello, have a chat about what we have for you - I don't like morning people....or mornings....or people - #7 by Clara_Precesdei

small EU TZ corp, movin to brave soon, similar attitude to yrself ie we look for the players not the amount of toons, our size means that every person in corp has a voice and is important to us. alot of us play daily normally from DT to late eve time. jump into shield107 in game or mail me Edrik Prime for a chat

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