Returning Pilot 135m SP Combat Main Looking for WH Corp

I am looking at getting back into the game after about a year off. I have a looong history in WH’s, going back to No Holes Barred in 2013, with a stint in Feign Disorder in lowsec, but then back to WH’s primarily with Worrmhole Society (RIP) and then briefly with Ambivalent Inc (RIP) until that closed up shop as well. Decided it was a good time to take a break and now I am looking to get some of that sweet sweet PVP again.

My main has a heavy PVP focus with 135m SP. I am almost positive I can fly any subcap in the game. I have zero interest in cap piloting. I have a scout/scanner alt account and am isk independant. I want to play this game to shoot other people, not do a mining op. I prefer small gang 5-8 PvP with occasional 25 person fleets. I would love a corp that has a static null, but am open to other setups as well. Mostly, I want leadership that is pretty chill and a group of folks that can be serious when needed, but are mostly just having a good time. If your corp worries about their isk ratio on Zkill, you are probably not for me.

Thanks and looking forward to the responses.

Hey duder come check us out. I am not sure what timezone you are in but judging from when this post was made I assume US TZ.

Hey buddy, if you are looking for a learning type of corp who’s down to take crazy fight like going through a 30 man fleet to gank one ship and come back alive, here is more information about us :

Are you dead set on WH life or would you consider dipping your toes into Fac War now that it’s had a big update?

I am open to trying something new. Not sure how well my SP would translate into FacWar though. Can you link the KB of the corp you are thinking so I can see what they are flying and killing?

I’ll jump on your discord later today.

We have a convenient recruitment post here for my corp and, if you’re USTZ, there’s our sister corp JREX as well, who also have a post on here.

I will check you guys out.

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