52kk SP guy looking for WH (c5 pref) corp!

Hi guys. I’m looking for WH corp, with nice and kind ppl. Im 32 y/o guy. Have perfect leshak and nestor for armor pve farm in c5+want to learn and pvp. For pvp both skills (armor and shield) perfected. Flying with Brutix Navy issue, Muninn and etc… weps and ships perfected. Learned a lot of perfect weapons, will do the same for ships, pref. for corp fleets.
Playing almost every day, after 19:00 (gmt+4). If u have any questions, feel free to ask!
With best regards, Tommy.

Hello hereticking!

Would you be interested in a corporation that would have a goal to move with a c5 static or in c5-c5 at some point?

I am currently in Holy Hunters, a small US PvP corporation (2000 to 0400 EVE time) living in a C4 with C3-C4. These 2 statics are great for small gang fights and solo ISK making ( Up to 250m/h in C3 and 500m/h in C4).

We are PvP focused but we do make ISK on the side. Second, we’re a group of people who are building friendship and playing other games together, such as valheim at the moment. We want to grow large enough to take all fights even if we’re outnumbered! We do null sec or low sec roams sometimes.

Finally, being in a small WH corporation is great to learn all about WH mechanics and PvP in it as it’s much easier to teach you slowly but surely. The one thing is you must enjoy or willing to join a small corporation. We’re as active as a small corporation could be.

Our corp’s goal is to defend smaller WH corporation from eviction, once we grow large enough. If that sounds interesting, here is our discord link: Holy Hunters

Hey man,

We live in a c2 with c5 and 0.0 statics, so plenty of opportunity to use those leshak and nestor skills, whilst still getting to fly those other toys in our null static.

We are an EU corp, so I’ll be honest and say +4h might be an issue, but feel free to come hang out for a chat:

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP [EU] - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums


Invictus Imperium is looking for Team players who are interested in PVE & PVP

We will provide content and corporation ops for:

*Corp/Alliance Discord(we ask you use it)
*Coalition Mumble

  • co-op abyssal runs
  • mission running
  • deep exploration runs
  • PI production chains
  • Incursion running
  • sponsored PVP
  • manufacturing
  • mentoring program

We welcome:

  • omega and alpha clones
  • no minimum SP required, just goodwill


  • the corporation is currently based in Fountain space 0.0 sov
  • we have acces to a stations owned by a corp and have our own moons
  • we have 10% tax rate to fund in corp SRP & have alliance SRP for alliance ops/coalition ops
  • we will offer ships with fits for the sponsored corporation ops
    *Corp buyback

If you want to talk more, send a PM or an email.
Wyvvern Psycorax - SA
Bioshibby thedestroyer - EU
Episcopus Raptor - EU
Vilewoman - US
Talon Blacksheer - US

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