Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP [EU]

Inevitable Outcome

We live in a C2 with C5/0.0 statics (content hole). We specialise in wh/null small gang engagements.

We are active on discord socially in and outside of the game. We are a solid group of guys that don’t take the game overly serious but when the time comes they step up in the engagements.

What we offer:

Small gang pvp
Experienced FC’s (and the opportunity to FC/learn to FC)
Multiple varying corp doctrines
Discord social
Teamspeak Communications
Larger scale pvp ops
Access to WH pve ( Up to 300m per hour to fund pvp)

What we require:

Minimum 15m Skillpoints
Willingness to train in to doctrine ships. You will not be excluded if you cant fly the doctrine ship, aslong as you are willing to train in to it eventually.
Cov ops capable (this does not mean just being able to sit in the ship).
Working Mic and Teamspeak
A willingness to look for content.

If you enjoy pvp, and like to make good isk then come check us out:

a) Join ‘boohoo’ channel in game
b) Join our discord channel at INOU
c) Drop Welsh-king Tokila, Jaesa Edwards or myself an in game mail/convo.

Up she goes, recruitment still open

Still looking for more members

Up she goes, still expanding

To the top, come join the fun!