120m sp pilot looking for PVP WH corp

im looking for an 18+ corp that is actually active and pvps a lot. currently training up triglavian skills and have a good amount of WH experience. US TZ but i play in but US and EU time zones.

Dropped you a mail ingame would be good to chat when your available :slight_smile:

Hey man! you are excatly the kinda of guy we are looking for. Reload This. is C5 > C5 Red Giant wh corp. Focus on pvp. small gang, and we do the occasional eviction. and also we do some isk making. good iskies in c5s! If your interested you can check out or recruitment thread for a little more info and what we are looking for and expect from you.

Feel free to msg any of the contacts or join our discord. Hope to hear from you !!


would it help if i said i was a logi bro?

o/ jin,

I think From the Shadows may be a good fit for you. We’re a newly formed (~1 month) C4 black hole - C3/C5 static pvp/pve corp. Our leadership has years of WH experience, and the average SP of our members is ~40m. The atmosphere is relaxed (healthy amount of banter and trash-talking) but we fly serious when the time comes. If you want to be a part of something from the ground up where your skills and personality can really make a difference, 100x more than in a huge corp, then this is the place. While we’re still relatively small, we routinely field 5-10 person fleets and are growing at a controlled pace that allows everyone to get to know eachother well. We use teamspeak 3 for comms & discord for everything else.

If you’re interested, shoot me an eve-mail and we can talk more. Fly safe. And yes, logi bros are always welcome.

(We offer the standard WH perks such as PI (low taxes), Manufacturing, Research, Moon Mining, etc.)

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