Help! I obviously have no idea what I'm doing anymore - 200m SP Pilot looking for inspiration

Hello Space Friends,

I’m the spokesperson for a team of 24 pilots with a total of 600m SP, the main of which has 200m SP. With a history of low sec and null sec pvp and mining/industry we’ve all recently left a null sec bloc and seek a new adventure.

For the purposes of full disclosure, I joined the CFC about 13 years ago, left that to do lots of different low sec piracy type stuff, spent too long thinking that -10 sec status was cool (it is, obv), and then won Eve for a couple of years. After returning, and a false start, I re-joined Goons and, as a matter of principle spent a lot of my time fully engaged in the Beeitnam War. Since then I’ve been shooting rocks and structures for no real reason and pretending that PI is fun times. PH probably won’t want to contact me, and that’s not a problem at all.

I’ve got some caps; couple of dreads, fax, rorq and a couple of JFs and I’d like to find somewhere to park them so I can jump in a real pvp ship and have some fun.

Looking for a fairly large group of old people who like to shoot the sh*t on comms, shoot pixels and can give me my own R64 (jk). If I was being picky, I would really be interested in WH people. Never lived there, just explored and used WHs to get from A to B to kill PH rorqs (happy days).

I know, I’m hunting unicorns… but you never know huh?!

Love and hugs :blue_heart:


If you are US time zone looking for a PVP WH corp, here is our corp :

Good day,

I know you are looking for a rather large group, but I still want to give it a shot. We are a young corp looking to grow our EU and US timezones. Though the people in charge have been playing eve for a online time and got a good understanding of the game. For detailed information check out:[EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

If it sounds interesting despite being the opposite what you want, we’d love to have a chat with you.

Thanks for your time!

Heya! :slight_smile:

Honestle, not totally sure we are a good fit but I can sense some good vibes and it wont hurt with a chat if you have time (not now cause i’ll hit the pillow).
But you can read some more about us HERE. It’s the typical ‘corp info thread’… I would really advice you to jump into our discord server here instead and have a chat, ask questions etc :slight_smile:
Then if you are really bored you should check out the Recruitment thread :stuck_out_tongue:

UMAH is not focusing on any specific playstyle, we mix it up, same goes with timezones… we like to spread out and keep a activity around the clock!

What I can’t deliver tho is a steady WH home, it’s something we aren’t touching more then a few who likes to dive down there, perhaps do some gas mining or what not. But we live in Fountain + surrounding areas :slight_smile: Have a small little corp home aswell that we play around with.

Anyways, discord … give it a go. Can’t hurt to chat! :slight_smile:
If not UMAH, then I still hope you find a great place to spend your gametime at!


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I may have something i can offer you , between my corp and alliance we have just about every aspect the game offers , we do need pilots , for all areas , so if you want to do industry we have that and if its pvp we have that and so on we cover , high , low , and null sec , and wormholes. If interested send me a in game mail of this same character

Hope to hear from you

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hi Yalsen :slight_smile:

that’s an interesting post that’s going to get a lot of responses, IF you’re inclined and have the time maybe it’s worth having a chat with Wyndii Chelien, boss of Purple Void, or Whompus; we are recently set-up in stable C3 WH and also null with established HS and LS bases.

good luck with your search and hope that it works out for you guys

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Hey Ravv, UMAH is an awesome corp. The speed that you are developing is amazing. I had some great times with you. Now its time for something that isn’t a large null sec pvp bloc though. Wishing great things for you and the corp buddy :blue_heart:

Also :rofl: mate…

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Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate the interest. I’m certainly going to look you up and will contact you in game soon.

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