117 mil SP Returning Player LF Home

Looking for a CST TZ Corp active around 2100 CST. I’ve done large fleet OPs as F1’er and LOGI. Would like to get back into Eve after LONG break. Interested in PVP and would like to be making Isk with sites/afk drone farm. Haven’t WH’d before but would love to give it a shot. I don’t work from home so logging in for pings throughout the day would be something I couldn’t commit to. 40 something veteran dad just looking for a chill corp to blow stuff up with. Not looking for super sweaty due to my smooth brain when it comes to Eve, but would like to be competitive after some training/knocking the rust off. Thanks for reading! Posted some highlights of characters below. Still haven’t subbed to OMEGA. Want to find a home then look at putting the 3 accounts into OMEGA.

Main - 117.6 mil SP

  • All Frigates V/Precursor IV
  • All Destroyer V/Precursor IV
  • All Cruisers V/Precursor IV - HAC V, LOGI V, all T3 V
  • BCs (GAL, MIN, CAL V // AMA IV) / Precursor IV - CMD Ship IV
  • BSs (MIN V, all others IV) , Black OPS V , Marauders III,
  • Amarr and Gal Carrier III
  • Amarr Dread IV, Min Dread I

Alt 1 - 48 mil SP with Amarr/Cal/Precursor Cruiser V
Alt 2 - 30 mil SP with Min/Cal/Gal Frig/Des/Cruisers V, HACs IV

We are a long standing geoup with a bunch of really good people. Come check us out!!


Hey buddy, if wormholes sound interesting, feel free to join our discord :

Hey Brother,

Welcome back to eve. Feel free to take a look at our recruitment post and see if its something you maybe interested in. Got some newbros and some vets. Shoot me a convo or drop in discord and we can talk.

Welcome back to EVE; Aegis Reforged is a fairly lowkey nullsec corp based in Immensea. There are no “mandatory participation” events. We appreciate you attending what you can; this is supposed to be entertainment and not another job. We’ve got PvP, PvE, mining, and industrial activities. I won’t bore you with a lot of details here; feel free to check out our recruiting post for all of the relevant details.

We aim to recruit the player, not the toon(s).

Check us out.

Bump! Still looking but will be checking in-game mail and here to go through posts!

Hello! Would you be interested in tge pirate life? I joined JREX a month or so ago and its been pretty amazing.

We are gallente militia, pirates and do pretty much every type of pvp from t1 frigs to blops and capita warfare. Iak is easy, kills are everywhere and we have a super solid group of logistics dudes to keep atuff stocked.

If interested i can reach out to you in game after im off work. Im CST too, minnesota :slight_smile:

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Hey, come join me for a chat

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hey would love to chat some more, we are a nullsec group that is with the Imperium, we have plenty of space to rat and mine, if you want pvp we have solid fleets every single day, sometimes you get a lot of fight, and sometimes you get just a little, would love to chat some more join our discord

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