Returning Older Player looking for a Gang to role with


I am UK based and 44 years old player.

I have 2 toons - 2003 180m (Old Skool way) PVP toon and a 105m (Same) miner, that can fly a Dread for some reason.

I play when i can mainly weekends and some evenings.

Looking for a group that are chilled, that are happy to show a new player how the game has changed. I left the game because of General Life things, and when i did get on alot of ship spinning.

Take it easy

Heya mate, I think you’d be a pretty good fit for one of our corps. Got one in mind but check out our alliance info and swing by discord if you’d think we would be a match and I’ll ask one of the guys to reach out to you in the meantime.

Evening mate,

We are a UK based wormhole corporation, pretty chilled and don’t treat the game like a job. We mostly arrange ops and events on the weekends too.

We do focus on PVP, and we do require everyone to chip in with a bit of scanning/hunting for content from time to time. Other than that, were pretty chill!

If your interested in wormholes, check us out! [UK] Pagids Legion | C4 WH PvP Corp | Small Gang-Close Knit

check us out

Recruitment at our Discord Channel ( Chat with one of our members today )

English Speaking Australian/US/UK Corp
*Nothing against those who cant speak english we just prefer members who can speak in our Discord for both intel and Idle chat
*We are looking for members with various skills and a willingness to join pvp fleets
Currently looking for

  • Industrialists
  • pvp
  • Capital/Subcap/T3 Pilots

*Mail lordvirus1234 or Before applying Otherwise your application will be rejected.

Say Hello otherwise we might not notice anyone is in here if your ever unable to contact us Message one of us below and we will happily have a chat We are mostly in the Australian timezone if you haven’t guessed
Discord Channel


Hi Mien,

Welcome back to Eve. I’m also based in the UK and have been playing Eve on and off since 2004.

If you are looking for a laid back group of players who like to work together to achieve big things in Eve, while hanging together on comms and having a laugh then 4S maybe for you.

The players within our corp are adults with real life commitments. So you will not have any crazy expectations to meet. Simply join in when you can and enjoy Eve together with the rest of us!

Join our Discord and send us a message:

WE are a laid back corp located out in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you

MienD, welcome!

Also UK here, a big part of our corp is with also EU and U.S folks. We have activity in corp 24/7.
Most of us are older players of similar age, friendly group, non toxic, we’d be happy to help you catch up.

We are looking for EU and US players to join us out in Stain, amazing PVE and PVP at every corner from solo/small gang up to big fleet fights with our coalition. Feel free to stop by our Discord if interested and please refer back to this post: STA'IN

you seem like a decent lad

Welcome back

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