[80m SP] Aussie looking to return - Needing a place to call home

Good morning/afternoon or night!

I am Aethanite. I have been a long time player of eve up until around 2018 when RL made its appearance, however I have more time nowdays and looking to throw back a beer or six and bring hull tanking domi’s back. I do like to have fun.

So, who am i. I have 80m SP, trained in essentially every ship pre carrier (I can buy the carrier skill book but i’m i’m too cheap), quite trained in black ops/covert operations, can fly a JF if really asked … i mean a ships a ship. I’m nearly 40 in RL, so none of that young shangaginain eshay bs from me. I actually started eve online around 2005, played quite alot in the BoB day’s, then slowly wound down over the years and never really could settle in a spot. Tried a few times but RL booted me in the arse again.

I’m after anything really. Something to keep me occupied. Something to keep me happy. If your corp feels you have room for this fine gentleman, please send me a message!

Or ask a question, either way!.

Aethanite out! Fly Safe!


Dreddit is Recruiting, if you are interested, take a look at our recruitment forum post, you can also find one in game, or join our discord to learn more.

Dreddit is recruiting

o7 I think you’d fit well with our already strong AUTz certainly lots of fun stuff happening in that timezone for sure if you wanna know more I’ve linked my post below feel free to contact me ingame and I’ll answer any questions you may have if not best of luck and hope you get to blow some stuff up soon :slight_smile:

Check us out. Tons of content everyday right at your door step.

Hi, I might have something for you if you would like to give it a shot.
Read more here → Discord

Hello @Aethanite,
Please consider checking us out.


Come check us out bruh!
Here’s a rant about our corp, the shenanigans we get into and what we offer :slight_smile:

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