58M PVP, PVE perfect Skills (MARAUDER 4, BC 5, AF, 4, HAC 5, T3, etc..)


i’am selling the badboy, full for pve/pvp

can drive marauders 4, has BC 5, HAC5, etc… A LOT pvp ships, perfect gun skills! (and light missile too)

Mid-grade Asklepian set 1.2B

at the start price 56b, buy out 62b.

No kill-rights.
wallet is positive
All CCP rules apply.

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41 bil

Daily Bump

42B offer

Bumpy Bump. And i wont sell it for nothing below 50b guys…

44b offer

Offering 50b if character still for sale

Are you still selling? Offering 51b


Still on the market (sorry not really on the forum cause the subscription finish the 20 of june.

if you push for 52b, i send it right away !


Ok. I will take it for 52b. Please confirm then I will send isk

I’ll take it for 52b. isk ready

Just to note i am now off to work, if this offer is accepted i will be home around 22:00 Eve time in order to transfer isk

To help break the tie I will do 53b

55b offer

Damned, whats going on haha, Grilakken you can send all the information and isk i will do the transfer,

if no news or withdraw, Astrodan, you are next !

thank you all for the bet, wish you a great middle of the week. take care

Isk transferred as per your acceptance of 55b offer. mail sent in game with account details. please confirm when transfer started. thanks

thank you dear Sir, the character is on the way,

i have a curse full fitted and a malediction too near pvp area (around 350M). its a little present for you.

wish you a great day


character received ty