[58m subcap goddess] Searching a new owner; please take me in!

Hi there,

My name is Aequitae and I am a fantastic pilot for many current sub-capital ships; with low time investment to become perfect for your needs! With rock solid tank skills, amazing missile skills and pretty damn nice gunnery skills, I can be your Swiss Knife of Subcapitals.

So what do you get when you buy me?

No, sexual services are not included. I am very sorry. But inside my petite body, I hide 58 million skill points and another 550.000 unallocated goodies. Talk about flexibility! Furthermore; one of my lovely persona’s (clones) is using a full Mid-grade Amulet set; for all that sustainability in battle.

But let’s be real. I am not looking for a cheap pimp that wants to buy my body and completely strip it of everything nice. That’s not going to happen! I also promised the previous owner that I’d make sure I take good care of myself. So my price will be higher; but let’s be real. For you to become this good at the game; you’d need to spend double to get close!

So my price is 55 billion ISK. That’s a hard limit; I don’t sell out for less. But why take my word for it? Check out my awesome goodies at https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Aequitae and see why I will be your best choice for the future!

(I am currently located in high-security space)


For the formalities:

  • Positive Wallet
  • No Killrights in any way.

All clones and pods inside NPC stations in High-Sec space.

I have had some wonderful bids; but I will not sell myself below 50 billion ISK.

Nice toon. Don’t have the isk for it. So, feee bump!

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Good day all!

Lovely comments; I will definitely keep you in mind @Gina_Tonic! For now, I’ll bump it to see if there are more interested parties that will take good care of her though.

Have a wonderful weekend all <3

Evening! Still looking for the right master! :smiley:


40.6 Bill


Hi everyone.

I will not accept any bid below 50 billion; I am sorry. You may not agree with the price; but I rather keep the character than go that low. Please stop bidding below 50B. Thank you.



I have yet to find a nice home; are you the one?


To the top :slight_smile:

We are heading to the top :smiley: