Nice toon. Don’t have the isk for it. So, feee bump!

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Good day all!

Lovely comments; I will definitely keep you in mind @Gina_Tonic! For now, I’ll bump it to see if there are more interested parties that will take good care of her though.

Have a wonderful weekend all <3

Evening! Still looking for the right master! :smiley:


40.6 Bill


Hi everyone.

I will not accept any bid below 50 billion; I am sorry. You may not agree with the price; but I rather keep the character than go that low. Please stop bidding below 50B. Thank you.



I have yet to find a nice home; are you the one?


To the top :slight_smile:

We are heading to the top :smiley:

I am still open for interesting offers :slight_smile:


It’s weekend and that means you are looking for an awesome toon. Yes; I am not one of the cheapest deals out there but let’s be real; will you get a solid person like me if you make one yourself?

So bid now; be my new master!

(No, I will not UwU you so long as my current master is here)


A bump :slight_smile:

To the top; still open for reasonable bids.

42b offer

50b offer.

We’re still open for business! 50b as a starting point; let’s do it :smiley:

Sorry about the late response. Another game picked up so I got distracted. Snagged another toon. I rescind my offer. Apologies.

Back to the top; we’re still available :smiley: