59.7M SP Apostle / utility pilot [SOLD]

(Christoph Felixi) #1


In Highsec
No Killrights
1 remap
positive security status

High engineering and support skills

Good starter character,

All CCP rules apply

70B buyout

(Superman ESSE) #2

70 bil

(Christoph Felixi) #3

alrighty Superman_ESSE hes sold to you, updating post

(Superman ESSE) #4

Sorry, there’s no internet.

(Christoph Felixi) #5

ok, will wait, got some kid agro currently so hit me up when internet returns

(Superman ESSE) #6

It’s all right now.

(Superman ESSE) #7

Isk has been sent to your alt. Info mail was sent to you and your alt as well. Please check and start transfer

(Christoph Felixi) #8

transfer initiated time now