5m character with Carrier and other skills injected. Price drop: 4b

(Degaal Valen) #1


DoB: 2006-08-26
Wallet: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None, 1 available
Character Location: Jita IV - Moon 4
3 bonus attribute remaps available
No implants

Originally this was going to be my Carrier pilot but I changed plans. So he has Advanced Spaceship Command IV, Gallente Carrier injected, Fighters injected, Jump Drive Operation V, for example.

Starting bid 4.2b

(Christer Z) #2

Confirmation post that this is the character I’m selling.

(Degaal Valen) #3

Bamp! I wanna sellllll dis guy so I can buy things you can kill me in.

(Degaal Valen) #4

Still looking to sell this dude.

(Degaal Valen) #5

Price drop to 4b. Nobody wants my dude?

(Maddicus theGreat) #6

3.5b as it needs work and investment to get it ready to skillfarm

(Vladmina Zion) #7

3.6b if still available

(Isaac Galang) #8

3.7b if you’re still available?

(Degaal Valen) #9

Still available. 3.7b bid accepted, I’ll close this out in 24 hours from now.

(Isaac Galang) #10

How does one even have 3 bonus remaps?

(Degaal Valen) #11

I have no idea. I took a 10 year break from the game so somehow they accumulated along the way.

(Isaac Galang) #12

Coolio, sure you don’t wanna start the transfers now? I’ll check back later to see if i get outbid like Jita auctions.

(Degaal Valen) #13

I’ll wait for 24 hours and if things change on your end that’s fine. 3.7 is as low as I’ll go, otherwise I’ve got 3 months of omega time on his account and I’ll just farm SP instead if you end up pulling out.


(Isaac Galang) #14

Naw I’m not planning on pulling, will wait it out.

edit: I’m not normally available at the time the 24 hours expires so I may end up being an hour or two late. Will still follow through if I get it.

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #15

I’ll do 4b on this pilot.

(Isaac Galang) #16

Ah heck, upping it to 4.2b

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #17

4.5 bil

(Isaac Galang) #18

Alright 4.8b

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #19

5.0 bil

(Isaac Galang) #20

5.2 b