5m character with Carrier and other skills injected. Price drop: 4b


DoB: 2006-08-26
Wallet: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None, 1 available
Character Location: Jita IV - Moon 4
3 bonus attribute remaps available
No implants

Originally this was going to be my Carrier pilot but I changed plans. So he has Advanced Spaceship Command IV, Gallente Carrier injected, Fighters injected, Jump Drive Operation V, for example.

Starting bid 4.2b

Confirmation post that this is the character I’m selling.

Bamp! I wanna sellllll dis guy so I can buy things you can kill me in.

Still looking to sell this dude.

Price drop to 4b. Nobody wants my dude?

3.5b as it needs work and investment to get it ready to skillfarm

3.6b if still available

3.7b if you’re still available?

Still available. 3.7b bid accepted, I’ll close this out in 24 hours from now.

How does one even have 3 bonus remaps?

I have no idea. I took a 10 year break from the game so somehow they accumulated along the way.

Coolio, sure you don’t wanna start the transfers now? I’ll check back later to see if i get outbid like Jita auctions.

I’ll wait for 24 hours and if things change on your end that’s fine. 3.7 is as low as I’ll go, otherwise I’ve got 3 months of omega time on his account and I’ll just farm SP instead if you end up pulling out.


Naw I’m not planning on pulling, will wait it out.

edit: I’m not normally available at the time the 24 hours expires so I may end up being an hour or two late. Will still follow through if I get it.

I’ll do 4b on this pilot.

Ah heck, upping it to 4.2b

4.5 bil

Alright 4.8b

5.0 bil

5.2 b