6.3mill sp toon for sale

Selling this toon here
located in HS
-0.1 sec status
positive wallet
1 remap
6.31mill sp 600k of which is unalloacted
Flies subcaps of all the races but nothing t2 really.
Decent starter toon or farm toon

Bump. Still for sale

how about 3.5B

Thank you for the offer but I am looking for more.

5 bil

Thank you for the offer! Was looking at 5.5 hopefully but if no else bids by end of the day I will accept your offer if it is still standing at the end of the day.

Roman, if offer is still available I will accept the 5b. Please send the isk and account info and I will initiate the transfer when i get home in 2 hrs.

Details sent

So sorry for the late reply! I had a crazy day lastnight/today. I will start shortly!

Transfer has been initiated

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