60.5m SP - Command BC/Dessie, fleet support, HACs, Ishtar, Ikitursa, max gunnery support


Positive wallet, no assets
In NPC corp per character bazaar rules

Skill highlights
Command ships 5
Command destroyers 5
Assault frigates 5
Precursor frigate, cruiser, battlecruiser 5
All gunnery support skills to 5
Decent drone skills for Ishtar
Armor and Skirmish link skills to 5 for boosts

Current buyout: 40 bil

Khergit 30B

35 and you got a deal

I can do 30.5!

Wish I had the isk for this guy, wanted to at least give you a free bumpage.

@Khergit 31b offer

I can do 34b

I can do 35b

36b B/O @Khergit


36.5B,can i get?

37 b/o

I will sell to Akalins on the first of next month if he is still interested

37B and we can do it now

38b now

I’ll take 38 bil. Ready to transfer

38B ,i offer

Do you still sell it?

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