I want buy high skill chmbat characters,mainly small boats.
I can pay about 100B.

I want as high a skill as possible.

maybe I’m not so high ,haha.

or at least ethnic T3

boy have i got the pilot for you

Subcap specialist. fly’s all factions up to cruiser 5 and all subcap weapons t2 and even spec 5 on alot of them.

Triglavian ships up to 5 all the way up to battlecruiser. this is the pilot you’ve been looking for.

If you sell it ,i’ll give you 80B

85b and you have a deal

Are you serious?i’m not going back.

meet me in the middle at 82?

I can pay you the equivalent of plex.
Of course ,80B.

fine transfer the isk and send account details i will begin transfer


If you don’t want a plex ,i’m goning to change isk.

isk please

soon as isk is recieved i will begin transfer

still waiting to recieve isk

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