[ WTB ] i need to buy a pilot about 90-140 M

I want buy a pilot about 90-140 M. It has to be mostly PvP Focused skill. If someone need sell your character than show your price and information here. I will refresh the information every few hours.thank you!
Please provide detailed information.like no kill rights/Positive Wallet/…

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Guchouth for 85b

is it no kill rights,and Located ,Positive Wallet…

All… Jita, Pos wallet… no killright… etc etc etc

bro,u have KM…


On top of that, you looking for a char… linked you one. It can be something your looking for or not… But i am not going to debat it overhere

its ok, but i means if u can reduce your price, 85 B is too expensive.

evemail me a counter offer then :slight_smile: or here

We can talk about the detail in eve, And then sum up here

Agreed 80.5b

that’s ok~

Price agreed in-game. ISK and account information sent via in-game mail.

Received. Support ticket is created for transfer. Have fun with your new char.

It’s been a day and I haven’t received it yet.

Transfer by plex takes up to 48h usually. If not received in another 24h then you can start to worry…

ok,thank you~

You dont have to worry at all, all is initiated and will be sorted by CCP. So depending on their been busy…sets the delay

Character received.

EveSkillboard - QRSZ for 115b

no killrights

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