CLOSED WTB Lowchar , i have 2.8b

(Tamara Turov) #1

Hi i sell one minute ago a pilot at 2,8b is all i have. I am seeking any pilot of 2.8b price and 4m skill points at least.

Answer the thread please i am in work and cant enter in my pilot.

(Tamara Turov) #2

interested in purchase one simple character as stated

(Crimson Oasis) #3

check this :

(Tamara Turov) #4

If nobody offer other char, i purchase tomorrow sunday the male pilot.

Still searching.

(Kunth) #5

what kind of skill set do you want, i have some low point pvp toons for sales, maybe 6-8 million skills

(Tamara Turov) #6 evemail sent, i go outside, check mail in the night

(Velociraptorita) #7

any caldari focused?

(Tamara Turov) #8

I am interested in anything, and showing to my son.

(B0rn 2Pod) #9

3b takes him

(Drone Rens) #11

isk and acc name received, i have positive wallet, no kill rights, i am in high sec.

I transfer in a minute.

You must receive the char in 10 hours aprox.

(Tamara Turov) #12

Mail received, thread closed.

(system) #13

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