Toon found... closed

Looking to buy subcap pilot. In terms of requirements

Ships in order of priority


upto and incluing BS sized hulls, but if you fly the ship i expect level 5s :slight_smile:

I have isk waiting, but please note no point convoing me in game as im not really around, and just looking for sometihng to jerk around with and maybe get me back in game full time.

I dont have 100s of bills to spend, but sufficient to cover what im looking for :slight_smile:

Sec status isn’t massively important, corp history is no bother to me :slight_smile: working on current injector prices i reckon to build the type of toon im after i’d be looking at about 45-50bill so that gives you a ball park figure .

Pirate races are a nice bonus

Name is quite important, is it areal name, random numbers and letters are not something i value high :wink:
And finally, if you have a toon, please comment with both link to skillboard and also your valuation

thanks for reading and look forward to some pwetty evesheets pass 1234

couple of nice toons, bubt 89p, the name has put me off the toon, and probably at the very high end of what i want to pay but nice skills
Ori, again nice skill set, just the hulls are lil small for what i have in mind, so cruiser / t2 cruiser are important.

finally take this is a bump

bump still looking, 1 or 2 nice toons about, but nothing tickles my deimos yet

thank crunchy its friday would like to be killing ■■■■ with your toon before weekend is out… can you make it happen linky linky…
i do have upto 85-100b for the VERY right toon :slight_smile: so please link and whta your looking for.

check me out. might sell if right offer.

new day, saturday, and still on hunt , few bids placed but nothing solid. I have the cash ready

little more liquid has been released, so show me the toons and ill show you the money

currently in process of buying toon, so until its full confirmed will be on hold, but feel free to link toons in case will update post once confirmed

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