60 mil + 3x20+ mil sp toons LF WH pvp corp (low class)

So been bouncing around looking for good WH pvp groups for a bit and havent yet found one that is a fit so I am going to see if posting in this helps.

I am looking for Sub-Cap focused WH pvp, not 0.0 roams (they are boring), or just evictions, but fleet on fleet action, preferably small-med gangs. I prefer to fly precursors or cloaky armor t3s for almost everything. It is very very rare that I will willingly fly ANY shield ship aside from my Loki.

I love to scout, and map, and am willing to put alts sitting watching prospective target systems for days if need be. Its all about that fun fight to me, not the blob. So if you like to fly in fleets where you outnumber the opponent exponentially then its probably not a fit. I will however be in on almost every fight that occurs because I have no responsibilities since I work for myself.

I do not do PvE, unless its to help someone else, so I am not interested in corps that have Corp PvE ops.

My main can fly all subcap ships other than faildari (maxed in leshak and all precursors), with perfect gunnery and core support skills.

alt 1 can fly t2 haulers, falcon, jamgu, drek, sabre/flycatcher, logi (amarr-precursor), legion
alt 2 can fly legion, nearly perfect Leshak, drek, legion
alt 3 can fly maxed prober, drek, strat.

I have other accounts but they are currently inactive (total of 12 accounts)

I am NOT interested in alliances, c5 or c6 corps, or 0.0/ low sec roaming groups At All. I also have no interest in cap fights, been there done that, its boring and I find those who like it Boring.

Not going to push the point too hard, but I am looking for WH pvp done by pros, not done by newbs, or corps that accept newbs. Competence is everything, aside from crap talking on Comms and gifs in fleet. I am a loyal guy, when I am in a corp I am devoted to the ideas that corp comes up with and my support is always behind those who are in the unfortunate position of making decisions for the group as a whole, its a hard tedious job being in management and I give mad respect to those willing to devote that sort of mental energy to their Corp’s enterprises.

My previous CEO can vouch for me being active and outgoing, the only reason I am not still with them is because they voted to move to a c5 and I despise High Class wh pvp. I was going to start a corp of my own and join their alliance once i had members enough to do so. But in all honesty I am not cut out for a CEO type position, maybe FC if I find the right group of guys. I like to log on, go out and find targets, and provoke them into escalating into a fleet fight.

When it comes to WH experience I left the game 5 years ago for 4 or so years, before that I was in WH from day One of when they came out. Left 0.0 after 9 years to get into wh. I know all the basics quite well. Rolling, mapping, using POS’s (had to live out of them before), and most of the doctrines used in WH i have encountered on a regular basis, so I have the counters figured out. I am always adapting to the situation and am looking for pilots and a corp that is similar in mentality.

I am US west coast but work from home so am able to be on for any planned ops and tend to be on during the Post DT tz as well as US evenings.

If I look like a fit to you Id love to chat and hop on comms and see if its a fit. I am generally a helpful, openminded guy, and like to help people out with things so I am definitely a team player. I check the forums sometimes but more often than not i get to my mail first, so if interested either mail me in game or convo this toon in game.

Thanks for your time, and I hope my novel of a post wasnt too long.


aka Vitiate Incarnate

Just incase, we are technically not a wh corp but we will pvp in wh and use the mapping tool

Thanks for the offer man, but I am exclusively interested in WH the rest is well boring to me. In other words I want to go into wh and only come out for market. Everything else in the chain or other wh chains. But thanks again.

No worries have fun brother! You know where we are if you change your mind :slight_smile:

Maybe we are the corp for you?

Sounds like you’re a good fit for Krypted Gaming, no ■■■■■■■■- just solid pilots, brawls, and killing whatever we can in chain. We focus on less heads and more multi-boxing, usually 10-15 in voice means 20-30+ potential characters.

Winding down on 2020, looking forward to 2021 with a shift in the meta and required nirvana/amulet sets.

Hit me up on Discord, BearThatCares#1337

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decided to work out of my own corp for awhile, thanks for the responses guys.

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