50 mil sp main w/4 alt accounts LF Low Class WH PvP

Recently returned a few months ago and been doing the solo corp thing after one attempt at a c4 corp (it was a very iffy situation). I have been building my toons towards shield WH pvp the are as follows:

Main - all caldari subcaps, all minnie subcaps aside from t2 BS (all missiles t2 except cruise/rockets)(t2 projectile/precursor up to medium)
alt 1- tengu/max probing/black cyno working up minnie cruiser 5
alt 2- tengu, t2 hauler, jump freighter
alt 3- max probing, stratios (training for golem)
alt 4- max probing, stratios (also training for golem)
note: all toons can fly astero and a t2 cov ops equivalent, rolling raven/megas, t1 fit cruise missile station defense ravens, t2 heavy or HAM drakes)

In addition to having a little horde of alts for eyes/rolling etc… I have a pretty much open book on times I can be on as I work from home as a sound engineer, I love to probe and map (prefer galaxy finder, but tripwire or whatever works) and do some shadowing/intel gathering. Mostly I like to find stuff to do with the remainder of those on, ie: find targets, routes to market, that sorta thing, and I like to engage said things.

I am specifically looking for a shield focused WH corp that does excessive pvp, preferably in WH and in small-med gangs. I dont particularly like low or null, so WH is where I plan to remain as often as possible. I am interested in BLOPs, Evictions, and any other chain related pvp shenanigans. Generally I prefer C4 corps in either vanilla holes, or pulsars, or c2 corps in the same. Not interested in groups who live out of anything smaller than a astrahus. Lots of FC experience in 0.0 and a bit in WH (years ago), so need some rehashing to get my bearings before I attempt anything along those lines again. On another note, I dont do PvE, neither ratting, mining or building stuff, so when doing sites you can expect me out mapping and/or looking for stuff that might be a threat to said PvE fleet.

If I seem like a fit for you feel free to contact me in game with a mail/convo or reply here and I will respond promptly. Thanks for your time,


PS: two of my alts are holding down a astra I am selling in my solo system, they will be joining after that is sold.

Hello buddy,

Despite being in High Class, please check us out :

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