65 mil sp main w/6x 20 mil sp alts lf HS wardec corp or WH Dive for PvP corp

Returned a few months ago, did the WH thing for a bit, mostly solo, and grew tired of rolling holes for stuff to do. Already had a go at both 0.0 and lowsec, and though it was fun, its very different since I played before (I would say both are much-less fun than they used to be). That being said the only major thing for me to get into now is HS war decs or non-combat related stuff (not interested in indy/marketing/hauling) so that leaves War Decs or WH dive/invasion eviction corp. Which is what I am after.

What I offer:
-65 mil sp main (marauder/Blops all missile skills spec’d to at least 4) tengu/loki all t2/t3s for caldari/minnie

  • 6x alts (20+ mil sp each) all can fly at minimum a HAM or heavy missile tengu
  • max probers x 2
  • dictor/Hic x 1
  • rollers x 6
  • marauder x 2
  • Jump Freighter x 1
  • black cyno x 4
    all alts also fly ceptors/t2 haulers and can deploy cynos and at minimum medium warp disruptors
  • As far as non-toon related things I offer, I have experience going back to 06 in some of the largest and most epic fights in the game. 1st-2nd delve, Dronelands war, the various deployments of Black Legion, been around and can hold my own.
  • experienced in probing/mappers (tripwire,galaxy finder, eve w-space, siggy etc…)
  • FC experience in 0.0, wh doing nano-gangs, BLOPs, maintaining hole control during evictions , and long term asset denial operations.
  • Work from home so can be on pretty much any time.
  • Capitol and supercapitol alts from back when I was in BL.

What I am looking for:

  • PvP that is not just sitting on a market hub, but fighting for stations etc… in HS on a preferably daily basis
  • PvP via going into WH and picking fights or starting invasion/evictions
  • Friendly thoughtful leadership who do not tolerate bigotry or other childish notions
  • consistent activity (more interested in hopping on, finding some war targets and going to town, or jumping in a WH and finding some people to fight and having bro/sistas to come join in the madness)
  • a place where I am encouraged to go out and find stuff to kill, be it WH, war targets in high sec, or finding war candidates for War in HS.

Anyway if you are looking for someone who can pretty much be self sufficient but prefers to work with people in finding more and more entertaining ways to kill stuff, and who loves to find content, then hit me up in game with a convo or mail and I will be sure to get back to you sooner vs later. Thanks for your time.

Live Fast, Kill Slow
Nikara Musashi

Hi there Nikara

From reading your post i think we could be a good fit.

if you dont mind please make sure to look at our latest vid below

best of luck finding a new home


Hey brother! Let’s have a chat in our discord!

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