60m sp Nyx/Rev Pilot up for sale

Pilot is in high sec with positive sec status
Pilot has one remap available
Positive wallet balance

  • All relevant Fighter skills to V (except for Light and Support Fighter skills at IV)

  • Gallente Carrier / Amarr Dread V

  • Great support skills most at V only a few at IV

  • T2 Siege / T2 Pulse Cap Lasers

  • JDC V

  • Maxed out Armor links

  • Can also Fly a Nag (T1 Guns)

  • Comes with +5s and a Amulet Pod both in high sec

Greatest Super/Dread pilot you’ll see in the bazaar for awhile grab it before its gone! Drop your bids below, when i see a number i like the auction ends.



Bump still looking for offers

45 b offer

Bump Auction is open again since previous bidder hasn’t responded.


42b man :slight_smile: @Razer_Oksaras

I appreciate the offer but its still just a bit too low. Looking to get a bit more before i let this pilot go.

43 b offer

Thanks for the offer but I just got another 45bil offer.

This pilot has been sold and is awaiting transfer, the sale is closed.

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