69M subcap char perfect Precursor char and can fly rorq

High-grade Slave Alpha
High-grade Slave Beta
High-grade Slave Gamma
High-grade Slave Delta
High-grade Slave Epsilon
High-grade Slave Omega
Imperial Navy Modified ‘Noble’ Implant

Perfect Armor and Shields
Perfect Gunnery
Perfect Missiles
Perfect Navigation
Precursor Frigate V
Precursor Destroyer V
Precursor Battleship V
loki all Subsystems Skill V

Wallet is positive
in an NPC corp
located in hi sec
no kill rights
has positive security status
Start: 75B B/O: 100B

must be crazy.:翻白眼:


WOW ! you here!

I will be online in 5 hours. :gift_heart::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

60 Bill if he not buy it


Have a higher bid?

60.5 bil

65 Bill

Start: 75B B/O: 100B :sparkling_heart:

good character…but…start 75b is little high price…just my think :slight_smile:


Still selling

My price still biggest 65 Bill )

You as a seller are required to pay the transfer fee, it is not an option for the buyer to cover the transfer cost. By even saying anything like what you stated is against the Character Bazaar rules! Below is a link so you can read them. I almost bid on your character until I saw your incorrect statement.

ok :scream_cat:

Still selling :upside_down_face: